Higher Power

order stromectol This is a spiritual program. If the concept of G-d troubles you, believe us when we tell you that you are not the first who has had this reaction to the spiritual aspect of the Twelve Steps. Read the Chapter entitled “To The Agnostic” in the AA Big Book. Read the Chapter on Step Two in the Twelve and Twelve. Listen with an attentive heart in meetings and try to hear the voice of your HP as it may speak to you. Ask people how they handle this HP deal. They will be delighted to tell you. The Eleventh Step commends prayer and meditation. So do we – but we know that it may take a long time before you figure out how to pray and to meditate in a way that works for you.

http://viningsnaturalhealthcentre.co.uk/art-self-care-free-talks/?profile=green Be patient. You need only be willing;

Be open minded; HP will do the rest.

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