Journal Meetings

buy Lyrica online europe A Journal meeting is one where readings from the Jounal provide the discussion theme. The chair may pick a reading or readings from the Journal and either ask for round robin (the Journal is passed around the room) or indivuduals are chosen to read.

this hyperlink At the conclusion of the reading the chair may discuss the reading and its relevance and then open the floor to discussion about how the reading has affected members of the group. We do this without cross talk or feedback to others who are sharing.

Readings from the Journal are another way to get clean and sober. Readings from the Journal are a nice way to promote the Journal which is our ‘meeting in print’.

We urge you to subscribe to The Journal to help keep it in print. We also urge you to write about your recovery experience for the Journal or to consider editing The Journal. We are expanding our Journal to allow it to be in many languages to fullfill our primary goal: To reach out to the addict who still suffers.

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