Hello and Welcome!

http://cathedral-lonavala.org/sec-gen If you are new to this addiction, you may find help here.  We, in S.L.A.A., believe that there are many paths to sanity.

  1. Meetings.  Look at our meeting list.  Pick a meeting. Go.   Meetings are a primary way of getting better, getting sober, finding serenity.  If you are new, don’t worry, we all were new.
  2. Sobriety.  Staying away from the things which make us


Please bear with us as we rebuild and update the Connecticut Intergroup website.  We are working on it as fast as we can, while maintaining our Boundaries.  Please feel free to browse what is here and if you should have any helpful suggestions please leave us a comment.

Thank you, may the Sun always illuminate your day.

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