Higher Power

Bujumbura Who is this Higher Power?

We speak in our SLAA program of a Higher Power. It is that power to whom we give over our control and learn to trust.

Barnsley Why don’t we just say “God”?

We are a higher powered, spiritual based 12 step program. We are not faith based nor religious and do not support any particular religious belief nor ideal. To reduce the confusion we often use the term “higher power” rather than a specific name for that higher power.

What do you mean by a specific name?

Our Higher Power or the “God of our Understanding” could be called God, or Allah or the Lord or many other specific names. Our Higher Power is for each of us an individual who guided us to heal. Sometimes people use specific names or specific prayers. What do I do?  Personally we do what works for us, what has helped us to heal and to surrender.

What does the group do?

Because each of us are individuals, with individual customs and traditions and values, the use of any specific name or prayer or phrase may become a matter for Group Conscience.

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