The telephone is our lifeline between meetings.

  • Get phone numbers from other members in your program.
  • Get used to calling someone daily.

It is an important way to break out of the isolation that is so strongly a part of the disease. We may be shy and hesitant at first but by training ourselves to call someone, it will be easy to place that call when that moment of crisis arises. And it will! Don’t tell yourself people don’t want to be bothered; phone calls are one of the ways we all stay sober. SLAA is a selfish program, and everything we do in it — including getting phone calls — is for our own sobriety. Try calling somebody with a lot of sobriety. In times of danger it’s more important than ever to “stick with the winners.”

We have a phone list with the telephone numbers of members of the group who are willing to talk on the phone with us. We cannot do this program alone, and the phone list is a mechanism to insure that we never have to be alone. Use it. Call people. Even if we don’t know them, call. Putting our names on the phone list means we are willing to accept recovery calls from anyone in the group, whenever the need strikes.We do not worry that the call will inconvenience us; it is our experience that recovery calls from someone in need are one of the greatest gifts of the program. Calls help us at least as much as it helps others. We will be glad to talk to others to help them through tough periods, to answer their questions, to walk them through situations that used to lead us to act out.

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