What is sobriety?

Sobriety is, one day at a time, refraining from acting out on our own bottom line behaviors. Staying away from these behaviors defines our sobriety.

One Day at A Time

Why one day at a time?

We found that as addicts we were anxious to accumulate things. We looked forward to having a string of things, a list. By doing this one day at a time we were able to keep it simple and honest. We only needed to know that this day, this time we were sober.

Often we found we were overwhelmed by the thought that we were the only persons afflicted by this disease. By taking it one day at a time we find we are less intimidated and more willing to let go and allow our Higher Power to relieve us of our burden.

We are Never Alone

What is a bottom line?

A bottom line are those behaviors which make us addicts. Since each of us has behaviors or things which are unsober for us but might not be for others, we form our own bottom lines. It is important to do this work with a sponsor; another addict from our program with longer sobriety who is willing to listen to us and to help keep us honest.

Keep It Simple

Keep it Sober

What are top and middle lines?

Top and middle lines are danger points. If acting out with others anonymously is our bottom line then crusing to see if someone is available might be a top line, a warning that we are entering behavior which may cause a slip or a slide down from sober behavior. There may be other warning behaviors before we get to a ‘bottom line‘ which warn us of a need for change or a time to reach out for fellowship or to call our sponsor.

What is a slip?

A slip is a mistake. It is losing sobriety. It means that today we are not sober.

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