Live in the moment

Laredo “One Day At a Time” as we often say. The thought of making a pledge to never act out sexually again can be discouraging and overwhelming. It’s important not to worry about the past or project the future, just stay in the moment. If necessary, take it one hour or even one minute at a time.

If you become overwhelmed by tasks to be accomplished, make yourself a list of things to do. Keep them small and simple. Tasks that can be accomplished in five minutes or less can be as rewarding as major long-term tasks, especially in that moment of confusion and bewilderment.

Be mindful when your attention is not in the moment. When your mind dwells in the future or the past, you can do nothing. Remember, the only time you can ever do anything is right now. 

As the saying goes “Where ever you go there you are”, in other words you can not be where you were or where you are going, you can only be where you are.  This is important to remember as you grow in recovery.  You know where you wish to be, or at what stage of recovery you wish to be at, but you will only be there when you get there.  Do not get discouraged by this thought.  For many in recovery the journey is never ending, and that is because many of us are always looking to improve ourselves or to carry the message onward.

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