how to order a prednisone taper Writing provides a way to become honest with ourselves and our Higher Power. By writing in journals, gratitude lists, letters and emails we can measure our progress, values, motives, and Twelve Step work.

Record your thoughts, feelings, and insights. This can be an enormous help in developing and repairing your relationship with yourself. This also serves to show later how short-term our feelings can be.

Many of us have found it useful to keep a daily journal about the progress of our recovery. Some have found a gratitude list useful: add ten new items (no repeats) to the list every day – read it over at the end of ninety days, and you will find how far you have come. Some recommend making and keeping a powerlessness list – a list we make every day of those things we are powerless over. This is a good way to get a firm grasp on the essence of the First Step.

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