Augustine Alchemy 2014

This is the 16th year of Augustine Alchemy, a conference for Sex and Love Addicts and COSLAA, a program for those affected by the addiction to Sex and Love.  The program is OPEN TO ALL WHO MAY NEED IT.  We consider it ‘Alchemy’ because of the healing properties and ‘Augustine’ because we in S.L.A.A. are also known as the Augustine Fellowship.

This event is not open to press nor media but only for those who think they may have or may be affected by this addiction.

The 2014 Augustine Alchemy Conference, jointly sponsored by the Connecticut Intergroup of S.L.A.A. and Connecticut COSLAA.

The conference is at the First United Methodist Church in Wallingford buy gabapentin reddit , Saturday August 9th 2014. It is a day of recovery and growth for addicts and those affected by the addicted family member or friend.

The morning session begins with a group wide gathering, a speaker from S.L.A.A.  followed by  a speaker from COSLAA.

Three topic break-out sessions follow.

The first COSLAA break-0ut is reserved for non-addicts.

Topic meetings follow similar structure as regular meetings.

A chair is designated for each meeting.

A newcomer meeting is scheduled for one of the first SLAA sessions

Please follow topic guidelines – no crosstalk no feedback.

Lunch is on your own.  There are eating places within driving distance if you choose. There is plenty of space ongrounds to bring a bag lunch.

After the lunch break there are two more break-out sessions.

The day ends with a second S.L.A.A. speaker  and a second COSLAA speaker.

We close with a circle, group gratitude and  the serenity prayer.

The recommended 7th tradition donation is $18.00 but free to all who need it





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