Annual Business Meeting The Annual Business Meeting of the Augustine Fellowship is held in July of each year. At this meeting the status of the Fellowship, new programs and a budget are announced.Each Intergroup selects members to go to the business meeting to represent the fellowships. Although the fellowships are autonomous, they are linked by the Intergroup to allow for communication, formation of conferences, telephone answering and many other local services members have come to depend upon.

Ādīgrat The FWS, or Fellowship Wide Services, are the world wide headquarters (located in San Antonio, Texas) for Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. As a not for profit corporation, they have a board of trustees elected by the Business Meetings from the membership to represent all of us.

The annual business meetings are also a place for the consolidation of committee work. Committees meet to make new pamphlets, make new chips, work on membership retention or prison outreach and many of the other things which you see here. For a more complete list visit the Fellowship Wide Services Website.

The representation to the Annual Business Meeting is based on a representative count. We in Connecticut are entitled to 5 (five) representatives. Last year we sent one.

We urge you as part of service work (12th step) to become involved in the Intergroup and to ask your Intergroup Representative more about the activities in the state.