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June 17, 2007

buy modafinil pills online Its Father’s day. In my family of origin, my dad would say we all had choices as long as they coincided with with his. I hope that I’ve changed that autocratic behavior in my family. Sometimes in family someone has make some decisions else it becomes anarchic rather quickly. I’m awaiting some of my grown family as I write this. I’ve had an interesting week and will share some of it with you.

At our SLAA meeting there was a deep discussion about bringing readings into the meeting. What sparked debate was not a reading but a biblical reading. It was something one of the group found and thought would be interesting and powerful as a tool for the group; he asked, however, before reading it because it was a quote from the bible. One objected immediately and strongly and I felt it would be inappropriate. I separate faith from religion.

How do -we- resolve such conflicts. Group Conscience. Sadly we didn’t do that at that time and we went on to haggle about this in and out of meeting, by phone, in small and larger groups. I agree that we should not bring particularistic readings into our meetings. I think it begs separation.

At one meeting there is a table for SLAA approved and another for non-SLAA literature (take what you like and leave the rest). The non-approved literature is marked as such. It is for the good of the group but not for the meeting.

Alas this continues to plague our group. There are those who see specific underpinnings to SLAA as we have derived many practices and principles from Alcholics Anonymous. I cannot comment on the later as I’m not a member nor is this a forum for that discussion. I have watched meetings which use particular non-SLAA literature fragment and dissolve. Sticking to the message has made us strong. Unity of purpose has kept us whole.

The chair can be a very powerful tool in our getting better. It is a trust and shared venue for each member of the group to bring to the group more of him or herself by picking topics, steps or readings which specifically interest that person. The chair should not be a bully pulpit.

I rest my typing finger(s) this Father’s day and wish all of you and your families safe, sound and sober days.

Anon Ten (Submitted by email)

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