10,000 Pound Phone

order disulfiram online Today was a good day. God lifted the obsession I’ve been living with for the past couple of days. I was triggered by one of my students, a 17 year old boy, who looked at me with such longing and vulnerability it blew me away. I had no willpower to even wish it to stop. I was lost in fantasy for a good 24 hours. On the plus side I managed to get enough sleep. But I truly felt helpless to change it. I reasoned that it was inevitable. I’m an addict and he’s a handsome person. I may be under extra stress from attempting to quit smoking.

buy provigil online uk But I went to a face to face meeting last night. At the meeting my feet planted themselves firmly back on the ground. Thanks God for SLAA. At the meeting the group talked about the 10,000 pound telephone. I complained that I had no women to telephone even if I remembered. Then another member of the group said, “Never mind a group (SLAA) member. Call anybody. Do anything to get your mind off the preoccupation.” Good advice.

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